(Bloomberg) -- Paraguay’s President Mario Abdo Benitez is the latest senior politician to contract Covid-19 in Latin America amid the spread of the highly contagious omicron variant.

Abdo Benitez is observing quarantine with mild symptoms after he tested positive just two days after his wife was diagnosed with the disease. Four ministers in Peru, including Finance Minister Pedro Francke, also tested positive in recent days, while Venezuela’s Congress held a legislative session outdoors after dozens of lawmakers were infected. 

Omicron has caused a surge in cases across the region, but countries with high vaccination rates like Uruguay and Chile so far haven’t seen intensive care units and morgues filling up. The latest global Covid variant is widely expected to take a toll on growth in the Americas and Europe this year as workers fall ill and already stressed supply chains suffer.

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On Monday, Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador hosted a press conference after recovering from his second Covid infection.

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