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Pattie Lovett-Reid

Chief Financial Commentator, CTV


Tangerine wants us to be aware of financial scams to avoid in 2017. There are simply too many opportunities to get access to data about you that they then will use against you. Here are some of the tips they shared: 

1)  The government is calling – no they aren’t. The CRA scam is still going strong, never succumb to pressure and scare tactics

2)  The “can you hear me” scam. No one is calling and it is okay to hang up. There is a recording that says “yes” and signs you up for a product or service you never wanted

3)  Complex gambling – binary options. Two rules of investing are 1) don’t understand it – walk away 2) worry when it sounds to be too good to be true

4)  Sticky credit and debt payments. If you think you have been swiped, tap suddenly isn’t working or you feel you might have been compromised – report it.

5) Scammers are still going phishing and trying to get personal information out of you – they will then use it against you.

6)  Hello my name is (but it’s not you). Identity fraud is sadly still going strong.

Sadly, in today’s environment, we all need to be a little more alert and demonstrate more skepticism than optimism when it comes to our privacy and our financial information.