(Bloomberg) -- Poland’s president appointed a new government proposed by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki that is unlikely to last longer than the next 14 days in a move that delays the handover of power to former European Council President Donald Tusk. 

Morawiecki’s cabinet is expected to lose a confidence vote in the next two weeks as the outgoing Law & Justice party doesn’t have a majority in the current parliament despite coming first in Oct. 15 general election.

The pro-European opposition led by Tusk’s Civic Platform has already signed a pact to form a coalition. Parliament speaker Szymon Holownia has dismissed as a political theater the president’s decision to follow the standard practice of giving the biggest party the first shot at forming the government. 

Tusk is on course to take office in the second week of December, just days before European Union leaders gather for a summit meeting in Brussels. He wants to move swiftly to mend ties with the EU and access the aid that was suspended during eight years of nationalist rule.

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