COVID-19 vaccination is expected to ramp up across the country this week as manufacturer Pfizer-BioNTech begins boosting deliveries after a month-long slowdown.

The federal government says beginning this week, it expects to receive weekly shipments of more than 400,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine until at least April 4.

That number represents a significant jump in vaccine shipments to Canada, which has received a total of about 928,200 Pfizer doses since December.

Both Quebec and Ontario have said they're planning to expand their vaccination programs in response to the increase in deliveries, with Quebec Health Minister Christian Dube tweeting today the province expects more than 90,000 Pfizer vaccines this week.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch says a more predictable delivery schedule will make it easier for provinces to plan vaccine rollouts.

The University of Toronto professor says while the plans look good on paper, it remains to be seen whether provinces will carry them out smoothly, especially when it comes to the more complex operation of vaccinating the general population.