(Bloomberg) -- South African Chief Justice Raymond Zondo said President Cyril Ramaphosa could have done more to stop rampant state graft during the reign of his predecessor and expressed skepticism over the ruling party’s ability to rid itself of corruption.

In findings from evidence given by Ramaphosa to an inquiry Zondo led over three years the judge said it is “still somewhat opaque” as to what the president knew about corruption during Jacob Zuma’s reign. He also said he disagreed with Ramaphosa’s claim that had he resigned corruption would have worsened, saying it could have rallied support against Zuma, who has always denied wrongdoing. 

Zondo said the African National Congress had done little to tackle corruption despite pledges to do so.

“For as long as the ANC is in power, the failure of the ANC to successfully reform and renew itself as undertaken by President Ramaphosa will render the South African state unable to rid itself of the scourge of state capture and corruption.”

Ramaphosa should have taken stronger action, he said. 

“In my view he should have spoken out,” Zondo said.

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