(Bloomberg) -- The US Supreme Court heard arguments for more than two hours today in the case of a Colorado website designer who says she has a constitutional right to create websites only for opposite-sex weddings. 

The Justices hinted at their support for the designer in this high-stakes clash pitting equality against free speech. Colorado, where the designer is based, is one of about two dozen states that bar discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation by businesses that serve the general public. The conservatives suggested they’d carve out a narrow exemption from anti-discrimination laws for companies engaged in expressive activities. Liberal Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ketanji Brown Jackson expressed concern that the case would clear the way for discrimination on the basis of race or disability. Justice Samuel Alito make a quip about Black children in KKK costumes, creating an awkward moment, and asked hypotheticals involving dating websites JDate and Ashley Madison.

Read the full transcript of the oral arguments here.  


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