A Canadian cannabis producer is recalling thousands of grams of its product from the Ontario Cannabis Store after several customers complained about mould, the latest setback in the province since marijuana was legalized across Canada a month ago.

RedeCan Pharm, a small pot producer based in Fenwick, Ont., about 125 kilometres south of Toronto, said 7,400 bottles of its 3.5 grams “B.E.C.” product were voluntarily recalled by the company after it received reports of five customers complaining of mould issues.

“We have stated that our company wishes to deal with this development seriously and urgently. RedeCan has therefore decided to act with the utmost caution and take the most prudent course possible without delay,” the company said in a statement provided to BNN Bloomberg.

“We could say that we have only received five complaints out of 500,000 units sold. We could say that we have never received such a complaint since we became a [licensed producer] in 2014. But even one complaint is too many. And if there’s a problem we will fix it.”

The company also stated in a separate statement that reports that its strains were contaminated with dead bugs were untrue and that “black specks” were misidentified as “harmless non-volatile organic matter”.

Each bottle of B.E.C. recalled costs $27.90 on the Ontario Cannabis Store website, meaning the recall could cost the company more than $200,000 in lost revenue. Initial reports of RedeCan’s mould issue surfaced on Twitter and Reddit message forums where customers posted pictures showing the contaminated products

It is unknown at this point if the recall will affect the company’s other strains in Ontario and other provinces. RedeCan officials did not respond to several requests for an interview.

The mould issue is the latest mishap which the OCS has faced since cannabis was federally legalized on Oct. 17. Despite generating more than 220,000 orders in the first month recreational pot was legalized in Canada, the province’s ombudsman received more than 1,000 complaints from customers frustrated by delays, billing problems and poor customer service. Other anecdotal reviews of some of the legal product posted on Reddit and Twitter suggest the quality of certain cannabis strains fall short of expectations, risking the chance that customers will return to the black market.

“[The] Ontario Cannabis Store is aware of a few complaints about cannabis products with mould received from licensed producers,” said Daffyd Roderick, an OCS spokesperson, in a statement to BNN Bloomberg.

“[The] OCS is taking the necessary steps to address these issues with relevant licensed producers to ensure compliance with Health Canada regulations and that quality products are delivered to OCS.ca and our customers.”

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