The matriarch of the Rogers family and co-founder of Rogers Communications Inc. has died. Loretta Rogers, the longtime director of the company and wife of Ted Rogers, the eponymous head of the telecommunications giant, died at the age of 83, having served as a corporate director at the company since 1964.

In a statement, Edward Rogers – Loretta’s son and Chair of Rogers Communications – expressed dismay at her passing.

“Lisa, Melinda, Martha, and I are profoundly saddened by our mother’s passing. We are grieving for an amazing woman who had love and compassion in her heart, kindness in her soul, and who possessed an incredible strength of character, he said.

“She lived a full and vibrant life and we, like all those who knew her, will deeply miss her leadership and guidance.”

Sister Martha Rogers also expressed her feelings on Twitter, stating “a beautiful soul left us today. She was a one of a kind spirit who spread love like wildfire.”

Rogers’ passing comes after a tumultuous period in the family’s time as the most influential family in Canadian telecommunication industry.

Last year, Loretta joined her daughters Melinda and Martha in backing former CEO Joe Natale in a dramatic boardroom battle – instigated by Edward Rogers – to oust Natale.

Ultimately, the battle was decided in the British Columbian Supreme Court, which backed Mr. Rogers ability to determine management at the firm. Natale was replaced by current CEO Tony Staffieri.

That decision was a result of Mr. Rogers’ control of the family trust, which was set up to guide the company after his death in 2008.

Loretta Rogers was a member of that 10-person family trust, and it is ultimately unclear who will replace her on its advisory committee, or when. The company is currently in the midst of an attempted $20 billion acquisition of Shaw Communications, which is working through regulatory reviews.

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Loretta Rogers in 2014.