Famed actor, producer and entrepreneur Ryan Reynolds is investing in the Canadian fintech industry, with a stake in Nuvei Corporation.

The investment was announced in a news release Monday and is the latest in a series of entrepreneurial moves from the actor. Reynolds has other notable investments in American Aviation Gin as well as Wrexham Association Football. Reynolds has also invested in Canadian companies such as 1Password in January 2022 and Wealthsimple in May 2021. 

“Nuvei is impressive. The leadership team is exceedingly intelligent and hard-working and it’s about time a Canadian company got the type of attention American tech companies do,” Reynolds said in the release. 

“I know about as much about fintech as I did about gin or mobile a few years ago.” 

In a statement to BNN Bloomberg Monday, Nuvei said Reynolds does not publically disclose the details of his investments. However Nuvei said the actor will be “significantly involved” in much of the creative elements of the brand.

Phil Fayer, the Nuvei chair and chief executive officer, said in the release that the company is “thrilled to welcome Ryan to the Nuvei family.” 

“We’re a global company but extremely proud of our Canadian roots and values, so to have one of the most internationally recognizable Canadians, as well as an entrepreneur with such renowned business acumen, join our investors is a privilege,” he said. 

Last month, Mint Mobile, a budget wireless company partially owned by Reynolds was acquired by T-Mobile US Inc. for US$ 1.35 billion, according to the release. 

In January, Nuvei announced its plans to acquire Paya Holdings Inc. in a transaction that closed in February.