REGINA -- Saskatchewan's premier says the federal government's boost in cash advances to canola farmers buys time in order to sort out a trade dispute with China.

Scott Moe says Ottawa largely granted the province's request of raising the ceiling of a payment program to $1 million from $400,000.

The province had initially asked for the maximum amount of $1 million to be interest-free, but Moe says he appreciates the federal government making $500,000 interest-free.

He says the province will be taking part in future trade missions to Japan and South Korea in hopes of expanding its customer base for canola.

The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan says the increased cash advances will be another tool farmers can use to weather the trade dispute.

Ottawa's move comes after China blocked Canadian canola shipments in what is widely considered retaliation for the detention of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou.