(Bloomberg) -- Singapore and Malaysia will implement a reciprocal green lane for cross-border travel between both countries, according to a press statement from both ministries of foreign affairs.

  • Officials are working toward target start date of August 10.
  • Green lane will enable cross-border travel for essential business and official purposes.
    • Eligible travelers will have to abide by prevailing Covid-19 prevention and public health measures which are mutually agreed upon by both countries; will have to submit controlled itinerary and adhere to it.
  • Both countries will allow residents who hold long-term passes for business and work purposes in the other country to enter that country for work.
    • After 3 consecutive months in their country of work, they may be permitted to return to their home country for short-term leave and thereafter re-enter for at least another 3 months.
  • Both countries have agreed to develop other appropriate schemes for cross-border movement of people including a daily cross-border commuting proposal for work purposes.
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