(Bloomberg) -- Air and train services in southern Germany face a second day of disruption because of snow still clogging up the area.

Munich Airport reopened on Sunday though more than half of scheduled flights are canceled, according to the airport’s spokesperson. Trains are running on only a limited basis and passengers are being urged to postpone trips to and from the city.

“There are still disruptions due to the amount of snow,” an airport spokesman said in an emailed statement. Travelers are urged to contact carriers before heading there to catch flights.

Germany’s second-busiest airport was forced to closed on Friday night, causing knock-on cancellations throughout Saturday in Frankfurt, the country’s biggest hub. Switzerland and Austria experienced snow disruption too. 

In Munich, 560 of 880 planned flights have been canceled on Sunday. Rail travel may be affected into Monday, according to Deutsche Bahn, the national operator.  

“Even after the resumption of operations on the affected routes, only a very limited train service is likely to be possible,” the company said.

The snow is also still impacting travel elsewhere, though flights are largely operating as usual. In Innsbruck, the Austrian city’s airport isn’t facing any further disruption, while Zurich may experience only isolated cancellations. 

The Swiss airport is back to regular operations, according to a spokesperson, who said that Sunday is “a normal winter day.” 

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