(Bloomberg) -- Government wildlife officials have released a final opinion about SpaceX’s planned expansion in Boca Chica, Texas, proposing mitigation steps as part of a prolonged environmental review by federal regulators.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service’s “final biological and conference opinion,” dated May 12, suggests several conservation measures to minimize the impact on local species from SpaceX’s newest rocket, according to a copy of the report viewed by Bloomberg. 

The opinion is part of an environmental assessment of the Starship rocket launch site overseen by the Federal Aviation Administration, which has delayed its ruling on SpaceX’s request for approval multiple times since December. The agency has said it’s working to complete that review by the end of this month. 

Federal wildlife experts recommended Elon Musk’s company undertake several mitigation measures including contracting with a qualified biologist to conduct monitoring of vegetation and birds, operating an employee shuttle between the launch facility site and nearby town of Brownsville, reducing vehicle traffic, and adjusting lights to minimize the impact on sea turtles. The report said SpaceX has provided an update of its biological monitoring plan to the regulators.

The company did not respond to a request for comment. President Gwynne Shotwell earlier this month said SpaceX will conduct a test flight of Starship from Texas in June or July. 

Boca Chica is where the fully reusable Starship system is assembled, and the rapidly growing facility is key to the company’s plans to use the rocket to take humans to the moon and Mars. The 47-acre launch site on the Gulf of Mexico is adjacent to tidal flats, marshes and wetlands that provide critical habitats for several species, from sea turtles to plovers, ocelots and falcons.

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