Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said she agrees with the goals of Ottawa’s new environmental impact legislation, but as it stands now, Bill C-69 is too vague for the province to support.

“The act as it exists right now does not work for Alberta,” Notley told BNN Bloomberg in an interview on Tuesday.

“The process has to have integrity and it has to enjoy the trust of all Canadians,” she added. “It’s just that we are spending a lot of time going back and forth with (Ottawa) on the details and we are not yet at the point where we are finding details that have been resolved.”

Bill C-69 will replace the National Energy Board with a new Canadian Energy regulator and overhaul the rules that will be used to approve large energy infrastructure projects, such as pipelines. Energy sector CEOs have harshly criticized the legislation saying it could be “devastating” to oil sands development and make it substantially more difficult to get future projects approved.

Notley said she is also concerned the changes could lead to overreach by Ottawa into traditional areas of provincial jurisdiction. That encroachment would be unacceptable to Alberta, she added.

“This is our industry,” she said. “We have built it. It’s part of who Albertans are and it needs to be something that remains under the control of Albertans.”

Bill C-69 passed was passed by the House of Commons in June and is currently in its second reading in the Senate. Alberta plans to send send both its energy minister and environment minister to Ottawa to lay out the province’s concerns, Notley said.