(Bloomberg) -- Sudan’s military leader said the prime minister arrested on Monday was safe and staying with him at his home, as he looked to quell international criticism over the army’s seizure of power.

Premier Abdalla Hamdok is being held for his own safety and will return home “today or tomorrow,” Abdel Fattah al-Burhan told reporters Tuesday in the capital. Khartoum. The detention of the premier and members of his cabinet sparked condemnation from the United Nations and prompted the U.S. to suspend $700 million of aid.

Burhan also said the army’s steps were necessary to save a nation being pushed to the brink of civil war by political groups intent on derailing its democratic transition. He said a civilian government was still necessary to complete that path and denied what took place was a coup.

Burhan vowed to scrap emergency laws after the necessary institutions are formed and said internet access, throttled since Monday, would be gradually restored.

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