(Bloomberg) -- Two powerful underwater explosions were detected on Monday in the same area of sea as the gas leaks in the Nord Stream pipeline system, according to the Swedish National Seismic Network.

The monitoring network said the first explosion occurred on Monday at 02.03 a.m. Swedish time with a magnitude of 1.9 on the Richter scale, followed by a second at 7.04 p.m. on the same day with a magnitude of 2.3.

“It’s clear that there has been some kind of explosions, and the coordinates match the leaks,” Peter Schmidt, a seismologist who works with the group, said by phone. “We can see from how sharp the signals are that there has been a major release of energy over a fairly short period of time.”

In response to the leaks in the Baltic Sea, Sweden’s government has reportedly convened a crisis management meeting with other public authorities to discuss the damage to the Nord Stream pipeline system.

The registered explosions were first reported by state broadcaster SVT.

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