(Bloomberg) -- Swiss voters are likely to endorse a project to reform the country’s national social-security system but are evenly split on whether to back an initiative to change withholding-tax rules, according to a new poll.

The survey for national broadcaster SRG said 65% of respondents were certain or likely to vote on Sept. 25 for the two proposed reforms of the country’s welfare scheme, known by its acronym AVS. Just under 30% were definitely or likely to be opposed to the plans. A separate initiative to raise Swiss value-added tax to increase AVS funding had the support of about 64% of those polled, with 33% definitely or likely to be opposed. 

By contrast just 49% of voters said they’re certain or likely to endorse the plan for withholding tax, 16% are undecided, and 35% of those polled said they’d definitely or probably oppose it. The initiative intends to encourage the issuance of debt by Swiss companies by exempting domestic bonds from the tax.

A proposed initiative calling for “no to intensive farming” has the backing of 51% of certain or likely voters, with 46% leaning towards opposing or definitely against the suggestion.

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