(Bloomberg) -- Switzerland is considering reintroducing a work-from-home mandate as part of policies to tackle the latest wave of the coronavirus.

The government is in talks with regional authorities on a number of options, including forcing the unvaccinated to work from home. Another option is to require workers in indoor settings to wear masks.

Authorities may increase the use of the covid certificate, which shows if someone has been vaccinated, tested or recovered.

Also up for debate is reducing the number of people allowed at private gatherings without a certificate and cutting the time period under which Covid tests are valid to 24 hours, in the case of rapid antigen tests.

Any measure should end on Jan. 24.

Countries across Europe are reintroducing restrictions, including full lockdowns in some cases, after a sharp increase in daily infections. The situation has become even more pressing since the emergence of the omicron variant, which health experts say may be even more transmissible.

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