(Bloomberg) -- T-Mobile US Inc. and Comcast Corp. are waging an increasingly heated war of words over their dueling broadband services.

T-Mobile, the No. 2 US wireless provider, concedes it’s more “Toyota” than “Ferrari” when it comes to internet speeds. But its coast-to-coast 5G wireless network is taking internet customers away from cable. That doesn’t sit well with Comcast Corp., the nation’s largest broadband provider.


Comcast has run ads and written blog posts highlighting that T-Mobile’s broadband service is slower. The cable and broadband giant even complained to a watchdog group, which urged T-Mobile to turn down its “reliable” and “high speed” claims. 

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert fired back on an earnings call Wednesday: “It’s kind of like the people at Ferrari pointing a finger at the world’s best selling car — Toyota — saying, ‘You know, we’re faster.’” 

T-Mobile’s 5G home broadband is less robust than Comcast, that’s “patently obvious,” Sievert said. But “it’s radically simple, it’s low cost, and it has the speed and capacity that allows people to do what they want.”

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