Seymour Schulich’s scathing criticism of Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s proposed tax reform is drawing in support from another high-profile businessman.

W. Brett Wilson, chairman at Prairie Merchant, says he agrees with Seymour, the billionaire entrepreneur who called the tax reform proposal “political suicide” in a letter sent to directly to the finance minister that was obtained by BNN.

“The tax act – the changes that are being put in place right now make no sense,” Wilson told BNN in an interview Thursday afternoon.  

“I wish Bill, or William as his mother must call him, was at the table here ready to be chastised for this,” he said. “Because he started out by making comments like ‘We’re out to get them.’ That implies no sense of fairness, but there’s a sense that there’s an enemy to be got. And the enemy is the businessman, is the entrepreneur, the farmer, the doctor, the local businessman – that’s who they’re catching in this nest.”

Wilson emphasized that entrepreneurs don’t have the same benefits that union and other workers have.

“We don’t have a cushy, pushy pension like many, if not all,” he said.  

He also stressed the likelihood that entrepreneurs and young venture capitalists would flee the country if the tax plan goes through.

“Capital is mobile; it can disappear from our country in a heartbeat,” he said.

The consultation period on Ottawa’s proposed tax reforms for private corporations will come to a close October 2.