(Bloomberg) -- A Swedish union will block all work related to Tesla Inc. charging stations as the automaker’s labor-union conflict in the Nordic nation escalates further.

The Swedish Union for Service and Communications Employees, Seko, announced Wednesday it will block all work related to planning, constructing and connecting Tesla charging stations in Sweden starting March 4.

The blockade is the latest in a series of labor-union actions targeting Elon Musk’s Tesla in Sweden since late October, when industrial workers’ union IF Metall launched a strike among repair-shop workers. The unions’ aim is to make the automaker sign a collective bargaining agreement of the kind that covers 90% of all employees in the Nordic country.  

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Since the initial walk-out, more than a dozen labor unions in Sweden and other Nordic countries have blockaded Tesla-related work, including mail collection and delivery, trash pickups, as well the offloading of Teslas at ports across the region. The Swedish Electricians’ Union stopped servicing existing chargers in mid-November, and Seko said its measure will primarily target Tesla’s ability to expand the network.

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