(Bloomberg) -- Germany’s automotive regulator has called on Tesla Inc. to issue a recall for its models Y and 3 because of a technical problem in the cars’ emergency system. 

The Federal Motor Transport Authority can only order a recall in Germany, but said on its website that a total of more than 59,000 Teslas would be affected worldwide.

The German agency identified a glitch with the cars’ emergency system, which should automatically call 911 in the US, or the relevant emergency line in other countries, in the event of a serious accident. Affected owners were told to call the manufacturer or drive to an authorized repair shop for a software update.

The notice was published on June 29 and reported by public broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg on Saturday. The affected cars were produced this year and, according to RBB, include Model Y vehicles built at Tesla’s new factory near Berlin. 

Model Y cars are also produced at the group’s plants in Fremont, California, and near Shanghai. Both factories also build the Model 3.  

Tesla’s quarterly production and delivery figures are due this weekend and are expected to break a multi-quarter streak of record-setting results, due mostly to a prolonged Covid 19-related shutdown and logistical challenges at the Shanghai factory. 

Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said the company’s new plants in Germany and Texas are losing “billions of dollars” as the electric-vehicle maker tries to ramp up production.

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