As the first shipment of Tesla Inc.’s (TSLA.O) much anticipated Model 3 lands in Europe, the prospect of Elon Musk following suit has sparked feverish speculation among his many fans.

With the first of the electric vehicles arriving in the Belgian hub of Zeebrugge this week, local newspaper De Tijd reported that the billionaire pioneer was due to make a personal inspection of the port. Meanwhile, people on Twitter used flight-tracking technology to claim Musk’s private jet is due to arrive at Ostend-Bruges airport later Friday.

Tesla spokesmen in Europe didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

The guessing game around Musk’s whereabouts is an indication of the anticipation for the Model 3 in Europe, a key market for his target for annual global sales of between 500,000 and 1 million sedans. That would put the battery-operated car, with a standard 220 mile driving range, on a par with the Audi A3 or Volkswagen AG’s Golf.

Whether Musk makes an appearance or not, some customers have started to take delivery of their Model 3s, even as some vehicles were delayed coming through the ICO terminal. Musk said on Twitter the issues would clear up on Thursday.

Prices for the cars vary depending on the country, with customers in Belgium paying a base price of 58,800 euros ($66,626), dropping to 55,400 euros in Germany and 53,500 euros in France. Tesla has cut the Model 3 sticker price in the U.S. twice this year to $42,900 to partially offset a reduction in federal tax credits.