(Bloomberg) -- The company behind the Tether cryptocurrency provided additional details on the assets backing the controversial stablecoin. 

Tether Holdings Ltd. had assets totaling at least $69 billion as of Sept. 30, according to an assurance from Cayman Islands-based Moore Cayman. That includes $30.6 billion in commercial paper and certificates of deposit, $7.2 billion in cash, almost $1 billion in money market funds and $19 billion in Treasury bills.

Tether had been at the center of speculation for years that the coin, used to facilitate trades in the crypto market, wasn’t backed one-to-one with dollars as claimed. In February, the companies agreed to provide quarterly reports to New York as part of a settlement over allegations that it hid the loss of funds and lied about reserves in prior years.

The disclosure in March that Tether held commercial paper triggered a guessing game in both the crypto and fixed income world as investors tried to figure out what securities were held beyond the amounts listed.  

The latest assurance also listed $3.5 billion in secured loans to non-affiliated entities, $3.6 billion in corporate bonds, funds and precious metals, and $3.8 billion in other investments that include digital tokens.



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