(Bloomberg) -- Thailand’s bourse plans to offer more exchange-traded funds and depository receipts on foreign companies to boost business and attract international investors.

Stock Exchange of Thailand is working with other Asian trading venues for such products, Pakorn Peetathawatchai, the exchange’s president, said at a Bloomberg Live event in Bangkok Wednesday. This plan will help promote Thai exchange as trading center for overseas stocks, he added. 

“Foreign investors, who are reluctant to invest directly in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, can invest in those equities through ETFs and DRs on Thai stock exchange,” said Pakorn. Investments in those products will help foreign companies raise funds in their home markets without the need for listing their shares in Thailand, he added.

While activity remains subdued in Thailand’s secondary and primary markets, international funds have poured about more than $500 million net into local equities this month

Thailand’s economic recovery remains uneven, but its equities will still be attractive to international investors with strong growth outlook with tourism, restaurant, hotel and healthcare shares drawing strong interest from overseas investors, Pakorn said.

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