It’s Oct. 31, which means Halloween is here. From parties to costumes, Canadians aren’t shying away from spending some money to celebrate.

Here’s a breakdown of the costs involved in Halloween and what people across the country are shelling out:   

Celebrations: Last year, Canadians spent $77 on average to go to a Halloween party, according to a consumer survey conducted by But what would a Halloween party be without a good costume? On average, Canadians spent $52 to dress up, according to the poll, and 25 per cent of those surveyed said Toronto was the best Canadian city to attend a Halloween party.  

Decorations: Decorations may not be something you buy every year, but the survey found Canadians spent an average of $43 on decking out their homes in 2015. 

Treats: Statistics Canada says more children than ever – nearly 4 million aged 5 to 14 – are expected to trick-or-treat this year. Last October, monthly sales of candy and snack foods totaled $419 million across the country. But Halloween isn’t all about the sugary treats. Pumpkins are part of the occasion too – and 63,945 tonnes were produced in the country last year, StatsCan data revealed.