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This week’s guest, Susan Veness, can show you the world—shining, shimmering, splendid. From the edge of the sea to snow-glowing-white mountains, she’s got a hack for every situation … as long as it’s at Disney World. That’s because she wrote the book Walt Disney World Hacks: 350+ Park Secrets. (Ten points if you catch all the hidden Mickeys in this article; we’ll let it go if you don’t.)

One of the changes she suggests making to your travel habits—small to say the least—is photographing souvenirs your kids ask for over the course of a trip before buying them. It’s a brand of magic that never fails to whittle down a kid’s wishes from 20 to two or three. There’s also more to see at the parks that can ever be seen, and FastPasses are often the answer—but then you’ll have to listen in to understand why the “ditch two, get one” strategy is a bare necessity.

Veness has got friends in hosts Nikki and Mark, who—if you couldn’t tell by this little tale—equally feel the love for Walt Disney and his Magic Kingdom. They’ll show you the light on everything from the best places to watch the fireworks to the most underrated spots in Orlando. Put all that fairy dust (ahem, intel) together, and what do you get? A trip that feels a tad less herculean and a lot more small-world-after-all.

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