The global pandemic changed everything in 2020. Now it is going to change everything forever. Our most common experiences – eating, travelling, choosing where to live and what to buy – will be completely upended, and the businesses we rely on are racing to adapt. With its “The Future of” series, BNN Bloomberg looks at what is next for our transformed economy and daily lives.

The Future of Money

Embedded ImageWith the pandemic, our world seemed to change overnight and suddenly, the state of our finances became more salient, more pressing, and for many, perilous. Some of us have adopted behaviours when it comes to spending, saving, borrowing and investing that are unique to this time — ranging from helpful to harmful.




The Future of Cities

Embedded ImageInstead of the usual rat race, people will only come into the city when it provides an experience they can’t get at home. “Just like retail has been transformed into an experience, the office will have to be transformed into an experience, in order to get people back into the office,” a city-planning expert said.




The Future of Work

Embedded ImageFollowing a year of human crisis after human crisis, experts say organizations will need to put the lessons from this year of soul-searching into action – and place innovation and diversity as top priorities for 2021 and beyond.




The Future of Travel

Embedded ImageDespite fears and concerns brought on by the pandemic, people continue to travel by plane, train and automobile. But the twin crisis of COVID-19, with its impact on both health and the economy, has decimated international travel and it’s not expected to return to pre-pandemic levels for years.




The Future of Play

Embedded ImageAs a COVID-19 vaccine begins to roll out across Canada, it's becoming increasingly clear that there is finally light at the end of 2020's dark tunnel. More importantly, it will also mark a return to normal for many of the things we previously took for granted: The roar of the crowd when the puck hits the back of the net, the first bite of a Michelin-starred meal or the starting chords of your favourite song being played live.



The Future of Business Leadership

Embedded ImageWith so much uncertainty these days, employees have a lot of questions about their workplaces and the direction their companies take. Executives don’t need to share every revenue projection, but they should be open about their struggles and answer questions honestly.