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One of the top tips that came out of this week’s chat with beauty guru Bobbi Brown feels especially poignant in the aftermath of Thanksgiving: never, ever pack your skinny jeans. 

To keep you glowing (and going) through the holidays, we turned to the beauty mogul, wellness entrepreneur, and boutique hotelier—Brown now runs the brand Evolution_18 as well as The George, in Montclair, New Jersey. And she delivered a smorgasbord of ideas, ranging from beauty to wellness and fashion. On this episode of Travel Genius, she teaches us all about the Chanel sibling brand that everyone can afford, how to build the ultimate carry-on wardrobe, and the one thing she always asks to be removed from her hotel room. Surprisingly, it’s not the bed coverlet. 

Should your travels this holiday season take you abroad, there’s always one thing to be mindful about: visas. It’s the red tape that you can’t ignore, and it’s gotten more complicated—or a little easier—to parse, depending on where you’re going and when. Mark and Nikki talk you through the latest and most important developments—both what you need to worry about and where you can relax. 

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