(Bloomberg) -- Top luxury brands have reimagined classic games in sumptuous materials and precious metals or have added contemporary design elements to make them a welcome addition to a home’s decor. Adults will love a sterling silver or crystal poker or chess game pieces. Playing with little ones? Opt for a modern acrylic or Lucite set with high design, including tic-tac-toe or Tile Rummy.

Still looking for a great gift? These more than fit the bill.

Saint-Louis Prestige Chess Set

Saint-Louis is known for its delicate handblown crystal glassware and vases, but it shows another facet of its expertise in this beautiful chess set. The hand-carved chess pieces sitting atop the crystal board are inspired by the contemporary designs of Saint-Louis decanter stoppers. A bold blue color takes the place of the usual black pieces in homage to the Blue Rider artistic movement of the early 1900s, which gave rise to expressionism in Germany. This special set is available upon request. $34,100


Tiffany & Co. Bocce Ball Set

Bocce is becoming increasingly popular among snowbirds and summer-home owners alike, and  outdoor courts are springing up at luxury resorts and country clubs around the world. Some bars in New York City even have competitive bocce leagues. This chic set from Tiffany & Co. will let you bring the game with you wherever you go, even if all you find when you get there is just a patch of grass. Eight bocce balls and a gray pallino ball neatly fit in a striped canvas carrying case. At home, you can display the balls—four Tiffany blue, four white—on a responsibly sourced oak display platform. $3,000


Baccarat Go by Marcel Wanders Studio

Bored of the same ol’ board games? Go back to the basics with go, also known as weiqi or baduk, a two-player game with rules easy enough for children to understand but is also perfect for those who love strategy. It’s thought to be the world’s oldest game, having originated in China more than 4,000 years ago. Baccarat’s set—part of its Jeux de Cristal collection that also includes backgammon, chess, checkers, and dominoes—is crafted from inlaid marble and crystal with designs by Amsterdam’s Marcel Wanders Studio. The signature red color that Baccarat incorporates into every piece it makes (see if you can spot one the next time you see a Baccarat chandelier) is rendered here on the covers of the stone cases for the Go stones (as the pieces are called) and red markers on the board. This game weighs a hefty 35 pounds, so find a beautiful spot to display it at home. $25,000


Sawyer Collection Tic-Tac-Toe

Instead of the the typical Xs and Os, this sculptural tic-tac-toe set from Sawyer Collection has five bold, color-infused Lucite blocks and then natural stone embeds such as amethyst (seen above), turquoise, lapis lazuli, or rose quartz for the second player’s pieces. Each piece is crafted by hand over the course of two days, so you can select a custom color and further personalize the set with initials, a monogram, logo, or even a favorite saying. When you’re not playing a game, the clear board will look fabulous on a coffee table as an object d’art. $600


Puiforcat Poker Set

This exquisite poker set from French silversmiths Puiforcat will up the stakes at any game. A handcrafted sycamore box opens to reveal substantial stainless steel chips that are hand-lacquered in original art deco patterns and bold colors, including green, black, purple, blue, red, yellow, and orange. In total, there are 500, all housed in a sterling silver-plate chip dealer. The playing cards feature hand-drawn designs from Jean and Marta Puiforcat that date to the 1930s. The finishing touch? Each is edged in silver. From $159,000


Scully & Scully Leather Backgammon Set

Scully & Scully is the go-to boutique for New Yorkers looking for stylish and unique pieces for their homes. Naturally, it has a fabulous selection of games that are beautiful enough to display, such as these leather backgammon sets that come in several colors, including a bold and unexpected orange. The handsome case is crafted from leather over wood, and it closes with a combination lock to keep the pieces safe. Each game is handmade in Italy. $1,550


Cartier Panthère de Cartier Checkers Game

Cartier pulled out all of the stops for its glamorous checkers game, available by request at select Cartier boutiques. It features a white and gold lacquered wood board with the emblematic panther prowling the side. The pieces are made from black marble with gold veins or a pure white marble. Price on request


Houses & Parties Acrylic Rummi Tile

Fast-paced rummy tile is a bit of a mix of card rummy and mahjong, and it’s very easy to learn, which makes it suitable for the whole family. The cheerful Rummi Tile from Houses & Parties comes in a stylish acrylic box and includes four acrylic stands and tiles rendered in cream with bold, colorful numbers. $280


Buccellati Domino Set

That late-20th century domino sets from Italian jeweler Buccellati show up at auction is a testament to the house’s enduring craftsmanship. Malachite inlays add a modern touch to this contemporary version, with each domino made from sterling silver for a substantial, pleasurable kerplunk. (Although you may not want to let the kids at this one: silver scratches relatively easily.) A handsome carrying case lined in a soft fabric protects the precious pieces when not used in competition. $17,000

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