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The Sam Bankman-Fried apology tour continued this week, despite a number of high-profile lawyers — including one who represented Bernie Madoff — saying that SBF really needs to stop talking. Speaking of lawyers: as the bankruptcy winds through the courts, the 30-year-old has hired a new lawyer, Marc Cohen. Cohen had previously been one of the lawyers who represented convicted sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell.

Also up for discussion on this episode is that big Ethereum move to proof-of-stake earlier this year — dubbed The Merge. We consider whether it’s really had a meaningful effect on energy consumption. A new academic paper asks: What if all those computers no longer employed on proof-of-work duty…have just been reassigned ….to mine other energy intensive tokens?

And why is Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts, asking questions about  digital-asset-focused Silvergate Bank? We find out. Bloomberg reporter Annie Massa and senior editor Dave Liedtka join the show to talk about these stories and more.

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