(Bloomberg) -- Tibet reported four local Covid infections for Sunday, the first sign of the virus since a single case was found in the isolated region in January 2020.

The infections were diagnosed in four travelers from Tingri county, located about 400 kilometers southwest of Tibet’s capital Lhasa. The visitors, between the ages of 47 and 61, don’t have any symptoms, according to local health authorities.

They tested positive in Burang county, a key land port for China, India and Nepal. Hotels, restaurants and other areas where they went have been locked down to contain the spread, the region’s health authority said. 

Tibet recorded only one Covid case previously, a traveler from Hubei province discovered in late January 2020. More transmissible variants have led to a surge of cases in several parts of China, including Hainan province, which is seeing an outbreak of the BA.5.1.3 strain. 

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