Apparently, the pocket square never went out of style.

Luc Fortin, President and CEO, Montreal Exchange (MX) and Global Head of Trading at TMX Group, believes a pocket square showcases an impeccable sense of style and even a little flare especially if you are having a phenomenal day.

This conversation is about more than just a fashion trend — it’s about TMX Group keeping pace with the dynamic global change occurring in the financial and investment world on a daily basis. This includes a continuous evolution to TMX’s cash equity markets, cash fixed income (Shorcan), and MX, TMX’s derivatives business.

Fortin speaks with Michael Hainsworth about TMX Group’s ability to adapt and deliver quickly, which is what will make client relationships successful. Essentially, the key is to listen to each client’s individual needs and run your business accordingly.

Fortin recalls that after the 2008 financial crisis, the global community focused on moving businesses away from traditional OTC markets and towards listed marketplaces. TMX Group’s responsibility was to ensure that this process went smoothly, and that it continues to run like a well-oiled machine today.

Moreover, TMX Group takes a 360-degree approach when it comes to working with their clients. They look across cash, derivatives, fixed income, and equities so that they provide their clients with a holistic perspective, rather than a segmented view of trading activities.

Fortin goes on to highlight the derivatives business as a global asset class that sets a great example for what TMX Group has been working to achieve — globalizing its own marketplace.

As Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange and MX clients continue to see an increase in international trading activity, it will be key for Fortin and his team to ensure they provide each client with a seamless experience that includes a globalized view.

And, when you’re in a meeting with a client to discuss trading on Canadian exchanges, don’t forget to wear your pocket square.