(Bloomberg) -- Retired NFL quarterback Tom Brady is aiming to use his name across a heap of product categories, from meal kits to deodorant.

Brady, through the company that holds his brands, filed 26 applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in early March. The applications range from food delivery, bottled water, protein bars, restaurants and retail boutiques to skincare, candles, eyewear, jewelry, furniture and gym equipment.

The wide range of filings would be a lot even for a large company to submit at once, said Josh Gerben, a Washington-based trademark lawyer who tracks filings by athletes. This indicates that Brady may license his name out to other businesses in addition to developing some products himself.

“He is going to leverage the value in his name and his brand as much as possible,” said Gerben. “He clearly is one of the most well-known athletes of all time and the value that gets attached to his name is extraordinarily significant.”

When Brady announced his retirement in February, the seven-time Super Bowl champion said he would work on his various businesses, though he hadn’t yet figured out what his day-to-day plans would look like. He’s co-founder of digital collectibles site Autograph, Brady brand apparel and TB12 Sports workout supplements and nutrition boxes.

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