(Bloomberg) -- Opposition leader Juan Guaido’s foreign affairs commissioner, Julio Borges, said he would quit his post Tuesday and that Guaido’s interim government should disappear without changes to the decree that created it.

Borges said he would propose changes to the 2019 decree that formed the interim government at an opposition-led National Assembly session Tuesday and that the government would completely disappear by Jan. 5 if nothing is amended.

“It has been deformed,” Borges said of Guaido’s government. “Instead of being an instrument to fight against the dictatorship, it has become a kind of end in itself.” 

Since the opposition consolidated around him in January 2019, Guaido has seen his support falter as President Nicolas Maduro remains in power and the ruling party dominated regional elections. That election was marred by government interference, according to Jimmy Carter’s Carter Center, and Maduro kicked out electoral monitors from the European Union who were gathering details for a final report on the election as Maduro has retained firm control of the country.

Guaido has said the U.S. will continue backing him as Venezuela’s leader, but Borges noted the U.S. supports the opposition because it wants them to rebuild a strong process in the country and that Guaido should rectify the interim government. The National Assembly’s legal mandate, which has already been extended, expires Jan. 5.

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