(Bloomberg) -- Constellation Energy Corp., owner of the largest U.S. fleet of nuclear power plants, would support “any limits” Washington may impose on Russian uranium. 

The company has enough nuclear fuel to run its reactors for multiple years and is working with vendors to head off any potential supply disruptions, Bill Gibbons, a spokesman for Baltimore-based Constellation, said by email Thursday. 

“We support U.S. and international efforts to bring the war to a halt,” Gibbons said. “Nuclear fuel processing is part of broader national security concerns, and the U.S. government regulates many aspects of the procurement of enriched uranium. We fully support the U.S. government’s sanctions.”

The U.S. is mulling sanctions on Rosatom Corp., the Russian state-owned supplier of nuclear fuel and reactors, in response to the invasion of Ukraine. The move has the potential to disrupt U.S. and European utilities that rely on reactor fuel from Russia.

Gibbons declined to say whether Constellation buys fuel from Rosatom.

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