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What’s never black and white and dreaded all over the world? Tipping etiquette. Or botching it, anyway. This week, Travel Genius hosts Nikki Ekstein and Mark Ellwood break down the latest intel on who, when, and how much to tip when you’re on the road—including, perhaps, your flight attendant. (No, we’re not kidding.)

Then the conversation shifts to whiz-bang travel planning apps and packing hacks courtesy of Gillian Morris, who founded the innovative airfare search tool Hitlist. These aren't your standard packing hacks, either: Morris makes it a habit to globetrot without a suitcase at all, stuffing nearly everything she ever needs into a bag that slides under the seat rather than overhead or under the plane. (Yes, even when business meetings and multiple pairs of shoes are involved.)

Listen in for all that and more—and then, if you're inspired to share your own travel genius moments, give Nikki and Mark a shout on Twitter, via email, or by phone at (646) 324-3490. We might share your tips on a future episode.

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