(Bloomberg) -- Turkey may target energy facilities and other sites run by US-backed Kurdish militant groups in Syria following a suicide-bomb attack in the Turkish capital over the weekend, Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said on Wednesday.

“All infrastructure and energy facilities operated by the PKK/YPG in Iraq and Syria are legitimate target of our security forces,” Fidan said. “I recommend third parties stay away from PKK, YPG facilities and individuals,” he said in an apparent reference to US troops. Kurdish forces operate rudimentary oil wells and refineries in several sites in northern Syria.

The Turkish government is threatening to attack US-allied YPG fighters which it regards a top threat because of their link to the separatist PKK, a group that Turkey has been battling for decades. PKK is considered a terrorist organization by the US and European Union. 

Turkish Interior Ministry Hit by Bomb Attack Claimed by PKK

Turkey has concluded that Sunday’s suicide-bombing that rocked Ankara was carried out by two militants from Syria, Fidan said on the attack. Turkey has long asked Washington to stop arming and training YPG militants while US warned Turkey against unilateral airstrikes that could pose a threat to American personnel working with Syrian partners to defeat the Islamic State. 

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Fidan spoke in Ankara at a press conference before attending a security meeting with the country’s defense and interior ministers as well as army chiefs and the intelligence agency.



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