Twitter Inc. will ask U.S. lawmakers and White House officials, including President Donald Trump, to review and improve their account passwords as part of a push to increase security before the Nov. 3 election.

Twitter said it will send a push notification to every member of Congress, officials running for office, U.S. governors, secretaries of state and some U.S. news outlets and political journalists. The alert will ask these people to turn on two-factor authentication and review their password. If Twitter deems a password too weak, the company will require a stronger one the next time users log in, according to a blog post on Thursday.

The new requirements apply to several thousand U.S. account owners, according to a spokesman.

In July, hackers gained access to Twitter’s internal systems and took control of dozens of high-profile Twitter accounts, including one belonging to Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The company said it will also “implement additional proactive internal security safeguards” for relevant accounts. That includes monitoring for automated hacking attempts, such as technology that automatically tries to guess an account password, a spokesman said.