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Welcome to Thursday, Americas. Here’s the latest news and analysis from Bloomberg Economics to help you start the day:

  • Bloomberg Economics expects that reopening confidence and a burst of consumer demand will take U.S. GDP from the recovery stage to the expansion stage
  • U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell is not assured of a second term as Democrats could push for one of their own to replace him
  • The child tax credit, a key part of President Joe Biden’s economic plan for families, risks missing those Americans who need the most support, according to a new report
  • New York City homebuyers are back, and they’re looking for deals -- here’s where to find the bargains
  • Londoners appear far more interested in getting back to shops and restaurants than returning to the office, and even England’s much-vaunted “Freedom Day” earlier this month had little impact on shifting workers
  • No aspect of the U.K.’s departure from the European Union has caused more political fury than the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol -- yet many businesses see it as a competitive advantage that could boost jobs and growth
  • A normally subdued corner of Poland’s central bank could hold the key to rolling back pandemic-era stimulus in the European Union’s biggest non-euro-area economy
  • After a week of market turmoil, China watchers are looking for signals from a key Politburo meeting this week on whether there’s more pain to come and if the central bank will step in with support
  • Australia’s central bank is likely to push back its planned taper of bond buying, just four weeks after announcing it, as lockdowns triggered by the delta variant look set to send the national economy into reverse
  • South Africa’s finance minister promised to prevent a debt crisisamid a backdrop of riots and virus outbreaks
  • Finally, check out this week’s Stephanomics podcast for more on President Joe Biden‘s potentially tough decision on whether to retain the central bank’s current chair

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