(Bloomberg) -- The United Arab Emirates will ask the U.S. to put Yemen’s Iranian-backed Houthis back on its list of terrorist organizations after a drone attack on the Emirati capital killed three people, a person familiar with government thinking said Monday.

The UAE will work on building pressure through the UN Security Council over the strike and the capture of an Emirati vessel off the coast of Yemen earlier this month, the person said.

It wasn’t immediately clear how Washington would respond to such a request given increased frictions in relations between the two allies over issues ranging from Iran to growing Chinese influence in the Persian Gulf.

Deadly Strikes on UAE Upset Efforts to Ease Gulf Frictions

The U.S. removed its terrorist designation for the Houthi fighters a year ago as part of a push by the Biden administration to end their war with Yemen’s Saudi-backed government that has contributed to one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. 

U.S. efforts to broker a peace deal have faltered, however, with the Houthis reluctant to embrace truce efforts.

UAE Says It’s Suspending F-35 Talks as U.S. Sticks to Conditions

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