(Bloomberg) -- The United Arab Emirates is planning to invest $1 billion in Pakistani companies spanning various sectors, state-run news agency WAM reported Friday. 

The investments will cover fields including gas, energy infrastructure, renewable energy, health care, biotechnology, agricultural technology, logistics, digital communications, e-commerce and financial services, WAM said.

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Pakistan has been under fiscal strain this year, turning to the International Monetary Fund for help. Saudi Arabia has already said it will extend an oil-loan facility to the South Asian country and was considering rolling over dollar deposits as Pakistan looks to rein in one of Asia’s highest inflation rates and stave off a current-account crisis. 

The IMF is seeking assurance from Persian Gulf nations hoping they will follow through with funding commitments before approving a loan to Pakistan, Bloomberg reported earlier. Both Fitch Ratings and Moody’s Investors Service cut the outlook on Pakistan’s credit rating this year. 

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