(Bloomberg) -- Ukraine reimposed electricity rationing for households and industry as a dip in temperatures heaps pressure on a power system pounded by Russian missile strikes. 

Kremlin forces have resumed what President Volodymyr Zelenskiy described as “massive” attacks on his nation’s energy facilities. The effect from the strikes has been exacerbated by temperatures several degrees below typical levels for May, which NPC Ukrenergo said resulted in a “significant” electricity supply deficit and compelled the grid operator to enact emergency power cuts countrywide Tuesday evening.

“Ukrenergo is forced to limit consumption to prevent accidents in the power system,” the company said on Facebook. 

The authorities are turning to emergency measures for the first time since early 2023 after a period of imposing so-called regular limits. Recent Russian strikes have damaged thermal and hydro power plants and an increase in imports from western neighbors has proved insufficient to bridge the gap, the national grid operator said.

Emergency cuts are expected to be imposed again at peak consumption times on Wednesday evening, with additional scheduled outages for businesses also planned, Ukrenergo said.

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