(Bloomberg) -- The US sanctioned Chinese, Russian, Turkish and Iranian companies and people for playing a role in Iran’s drone program a day after five Americans were freed in a prisoner-swap deal with the country.

The Treasury Department added Chinese company Shenzhen Jiasibo Technology Co. Ltd. and its managing director and owner Su Chunpeng to its sanctions list on Tuesday, accusing them of helping a previously designated Iranian supplier of unmanned aerial vehicles acquire parts for radar altimeter systems. Treasury also designated China-based Dong Wenbo for helping to sell aircraft brake disks to the Iranian company.

“The United States will continue to take action against Iran’s UAV procurement networks, and encourages jurisdictions to exercise the due diligence necessary to prevent the export of these components to Iran,” Brian Nelson, the Treasury undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, said in a statement.

The US and European Union have accused Iran of supplying Russia with drones for its war in Ukraine.

The move comes shortly after the Biden administration oversaw the completion of a deal with the Iranian government to release five Iranians held in US custody in exchange for the same number of US citizens. The deal also included the unfreezing of $6 billion in oil revenue held at South Korean banks due to sanctions. 

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Two Turkey-based money exchangers — Mehmet Tokdemir and Alaaddin Aykut — were also designated on Tuesday, along with three Russian aerospace companies. The US said a previously sanctioned Iranian drone company, Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company, or HESA, was using the name Shahin Co. in an attempt to evade sanctions, and added that name to its designation. 

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