(Bloomberg) -- The US Treasury Department has sanctioned an individual and three Russian-based companies involved in a canceled share deal that Raiffeisen Bank International AG had hoped would allow it to pull capital out of Russia.

The US added MKAO Rasperia Trading Ltd, which holds a 24.1% stake in Austrian construction company Strabag SE, to its list of designated companies, according to a statement Tuesday. 

Sanctioned Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska had owned Rasperia Trading until earlier this year, when he sold the company, along with the Strabag shares it held, to Iliadis JSC. 

According to Raiffeisen’s scrapped plans, the bank’s Russian units would have purchased the shares from Iliadis, before transferring them to the parent in Vienna as dividend in kind, allowing the transfer of about €1.5 billion ($1.6 billion) in stranded retained earnings from Russia.

Raiffeisen ultimately canceled the deal out of fear or regulatory backlash.

The US also sanctioned Iliadis, an intermediary company in the deal, and Russian financial-services company Titul, alongside its owner Dmitrii Beloglazov.

“Anyone still doing business in or with Russia should be skeptical of supposed divestment schemes that involve shell companies or proxies linked to sanctioned oligarchs,” the US Treasury’s Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, Brian Nelson, said in the statement.

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