• With over 25 years of history, VRIC has been a leading global event in the junior mining market
  • The conference opens up a world of opportunity for those looking to take charge of their financial future
  • Keynote speakers include the Premier of BC, Christy Clark and former Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall

The Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC) returns to the stage on January 29-30, 2023 to host one of the most renowned events dedicated to the global resource markets. Taking place at the Vancouver Convention Centre, investors, entrepreneurs, researchers and analysts will be provided with exclusive new opportunities and investments in the metals, minerals and energy sectors.

Organized by the largest, most experienced conference and expo producer in Canada known as Cambridge House International, VRIC has been a leading global event in the junior mining market for over 25 years. The event will feature a full line-up of thought leaders who will share their insights on where investment opportunities exist in today's volatile, uncertain markets.

From a variety of interactive features to detailed overviews of emerging industry developments, VRIC is the ideal event for market enthusiasts, investors and those interested in commodities.

Navigating the markets in the wake of economic uncertainty

There has never been a more important time to pay attention and protect your future. Today's financial environment has eroded investor confidence, leaving many uncertain of where to turn next.

The outlook of the global economy is increasingly gloomy and uncertain. Faced with the pandemic and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, higher-than-expected inflation is triggering a tightening of global financial conditions. As these geopolitical battle lines shift, money and sovereignty are continuing to evolve. 

"We are entering a new era of de-globalization. The trust that allowed for global trade over the last 30 years has shifted irreversibly and countries are now scrambling to secure supplies of natural resources as a matter of national security. As a result, demand for key resources will skyrocket. We have gathered over 300 companies that are exploring for and producing these natural resources so investors can position themselves accordingly," says Jay Martin, Host of the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.

As the new normal begins to take shape, professional investors need to listen closely to identify opportunities. Due diligence becomes increasingly important as more investments are put at risk. For those looking to secure their financial future, attending VRIC could open up a world of opportunity.

A look at the current and future investment climate from the biggest names in the industry

VRIC has been the epicenter of junior mining investment in Canada for 25 years and attracts over 5,000 mining investors annually. Previous years have been attended by former Prime Minister, Stephan Harper and former President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon.

This year, the event will welcome notable keynote speakers including former Premier of BC, Christy Clark and former Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall. While these may be the headliners, other keynote speakers will include dozens of globally respected economists, legendary money managers and investors. This includes Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Grant Williams, a visionary in the financial industry and investor and speculator, Rick Rule and many more.

An intense but rewarding experience like no other

With all that is packed within these two days, investors can expect an intense–but rewarding learning experience like no other.

Here’s a summary of what attendees can expect the VRIC to showcase:

  • 100+ macro-finance keynote speakers
  • 225 commodity investment opportunities
  • 5,000+ investors

With a massive lineup of top-notch speakers, industry leaders, and close to 100 exhibitors showcasing their wares at the biggest global resource investment event of the year, you’re sure to find something worthwhile at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. It’s the largest-scale resource investment event of its kind.

Join fellow investors and stakeholders from the global mining industry to engage in insightful conversations and network with leading resource and mining companies.

Those wishing to join the conversation can register for VRIC 2023 at Eventbrite or Cambridge House.