The Street

The Street is a fast-paced look at overnight developments and breaking business news affecting today's financial markets. Join BNN Bloomberg's team of reporters as they review expert analysis from Bay Street and Wall Street, as well as the latest information from Europe and North America to help you decide how to play the day.

The Open

The Open puts a spotlight on the stocks and stories expected to move the markets, then switches to minute-by-minute coverage as the trading day kicks off in Canada and the U.S.

Morning Markets

On Morning Markets, BNN Bloomberg’s team interviews some of North America’s leading money managers and analysts for actionable ideas on how Canadians can best position their investment portfolios.

Market Call

Market Call is Canada's leading stock market call-in program. Every weekday, BNN Bloomberg hosts top fund managers and market analysts - professionals who handle billions in retail and institutional investments.

Trading Day

Trading Day focuses on the latest business developments in the afternoon and provides analysis on the stocks and stories driving the day’s market action. Expect hot picks from investment professionals across North America.

The Close

As the trading day comes to an end, BNN Bloomberg provides in-depth coverage of all the market, corporate and economic news of note, along with outstanding analysis and insight.

Berman's Call

Every Monday, Larry takes calls and answers emails from BNN Bloomberg viewers on everything from the latest market making swings to technical advice on the hottest stocks.


From aluminum to zinc and everything in between, join BNN Bloomberg’s Commodities show for the latest insight into the raw materials that power the global economy and the companies that produce them, including interviews with mineral and mining entrepreneurs from Canada and around the globe.

Taking Stock

Taking Stock offers a complete roundup of all the trending stories Canadians need to know in the world of business, from finance to economic policies, and everything in between.

Money Talk

MoneyTalk is Canada's premier personal finance show. Every Wednesday, we talk to industry players who provide you with important personal finance information that you need - from investment strategies to financial planning.

Bloomberg Surveillance

Every morning, Bloomberg’s team of journalists have the economy and markets "under surveillance" as they covers the latest in finance, economics and investment, and talks with the leading voices shaping the conversation around world markets.