This Week Was Lehman Anniversary Week

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- Bloomberg Opinion is blessed to have several columnists with intimate experience and understanding of the Lehman Brothers collapse 10 years ago – both inside and outside the bank – and the systemic crisis it triggered. We spent this week thinking about what went wrong and what lessons the financial system took to heart as a result of this, the worst crisis in generations. The consensus: We don’t seem to have learned all that much, unfortunately. 

We Still Haven’t Learned From Lehman Brothers – Bloomberg’s editors

Nine Lessons From the Financial Crisis – Mohamed El-Erian

Ten Things People Still Get Wrong About the Crisis – Barry Ritholtz

One Deluded Banker’s Tale of Lehman’s Last Days – Shuli Ren

The Good People at the ‘Bad Bank’ – Jared Dillian

$250 Trillion in Debt: The Lehman Legacy – Brian Chappatta

Maybe the Financial System Can’t Be Fixed – Cathy O’Neil

The Crisis Was About the System – Matt Levine

In Lehman’s Shadow Hides an Even Riskier Banking World – Stephen Gandel

Fear Has Made Banking Too Boring – Mihir Sharma

Why Lehman’s Third Act Won’t Play in Emerging Markets – Andy Mukherjee

The No. 1 Crisis Lesson: QE Worked – Matthew Winkler

Crisis Autopsies Ask the Wrong Questions – Aaron Brown

Some Mortgage Nightmares Never Ended – Joe Nocera

Who Lost the Most in the Crisis? Ordinary Americans – Nir Kaissar

Europe’s Bankers Are the Biggest Crisis Losers – Edward Evans

Zombie Lehman Keeps Racking Up Court Victories – Stephen L. Carter

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