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Apr 26, 2021

Why not both? Lululemon founder says consumers benefit from Amazon-Shopify battle

Competition between Shopify and Amazon better for the consumer: Lululemon founder Chip Wilson


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As Inc. and Shopify Inc. compete head-to-head in the e-commerce game, Canadian billionaire and Lululemon Athletica Founder Chip Wilson hopes both platforms come out winners.

“I think they’re both good for the marketplace. The competition between the two of them is only going to make it better for the consumer,” he said in a broadcast interview on Monday.

In January, Amazon acquired Australian firm Selz, which helps businesses launch their own online stores, a deal which positions the e-commerce giant to compete directly with Shopify.

For retail entrepreneurs deciding which platform makes the most sense for them, Wilson thinks that it depends on what their strategy is going in.

“Do they want a long-term brand to hold in their family for decades or are they building a brand to sell?” he said.

Shopify simplifies the process for merchants wanting to build an e-commerce site, while the vast reach of Amazon’s marketplace is its strength, Wilson said.

“I think if you go [with] Amazon, the fear is always there that if you become too successful they’ll just knock you off — they’re very good at it,” he said.

Shopify and Amazon report their first-quarter results on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.