• Every year, the world's most sophisticated investors gather at the New Orleans Investment Conference to discover new opportunities and strategies
  • A world-class lineup of speakers took the stage this year including James Grant, Jim Rickards, Rick Rule, and more
  • The speakers provided powerful strategies and specific picks that showed investors how to guard their wealth in turbulent times

There is no doubt that New Orleans is world-renowned for its distinctive music, tasty cuisine and incredible architecture. Its rich culture and history mark it as the perfect hub for a blockbuster event known as The New Orleans Investment Conference.

This year, on October 12–15 2022, the city once again hosted one of the most highly anticipated events on the investment calendar. Since its inception nearly five decades ago, it has become an icon of the investment industry, drawing some of the world's most sophisticated investors.

In light of the recent pandemic that sent shockwaves through the investment world, many attendees made their way to New Orleans over the weekend to hear the stellar round-up of experts provide their insight on how to navigate the current market conditions.

With vital topics comes vital people, and this year’s topics were covered by nothing but an extraordinary roster of experts including James Grant, Jim Rickards, Rick Rule, and more, allowing investors to learn from compelling presentations and a roundup of insightful panels on precious metals, cash and the economy.

“These (experts) are the ones that have insights into the markets that are in a slightly different angle than the vast majority of people,” Brien Lundin, president and CEO of NOIC said in an interview with StockPulse.

The conference has a well-earned reputation for attracting the world’s foremost authorities on geopolitics, economics and investments. The selected group was chosen carefully to share their insight with investors on how they can take advantage and avoid pitfalls in different sectors, industries and markets.

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Dave Collum and Jim Iuorio chat with attendees.

Addressing the compelling issues facing investors today

What is the key to success in a volatile market? Gaining knowledge of how to navigate it. With the Federal Reserve and central banks around the world raising rates to prevent economic turmoil, this conference became a much-needed safe space for investors.

As people might say, “something good comes out of every crisis.” And with commodities surging across the board, with gold and silver ready to take their turns, there are astounding opportunities ahead. Gold has historically rallied when inflation is high. According to CNN Business, it’s usually a fan favorite during periods of geopolitical uncertainty. However, still down almost 20 per cent from their recent March 2022 peak, gold prices have yet to surge, presenting investors with a unique opportunity.

This is another opportunity that comes with attending the conference. Over NOIC’s history, it has been known for showing investors how to shield their wealth during turbulent times, and how to build fortunes from the powerful strategies and specific picks the speakers provide in a gold bull market.

Lundin explains that this conference “is a gathering of the best minds in investing.” Combining an event-filled weekend in a city rich with culture, “it’s one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have in an investment conference.”

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George Gammon delivers his main stage speech.

A glimpse inside the conference

This year was no exception. The event included a packed agenda that covered a wide range of topics. Whether investors were looking for insights on specific investments or to stay ahead of market trends – there was something for everyone.

To put things into perspective, NOIC has attracted dozens of the most celebrated figures in modern history, including Lady Margaret Thatcher, Ayn Rand, Alan Greenspan, Milton Friedman, F.A. Hayek, Barry Goldwater, Steve Forbes, Henry Kissinger and more.

Besides providing world-class market intelligence, participants had a chance to enjoy New Orleans' old-world charm – it was truly an event for the books.

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Attendees enjoy a taste of New Orleans at the opening reception.

Whether you’re a seasoned attendee or a newcomer, here is all the information that will help you get your mind set on next year’s event. Find out all you need to know by visiting their website here.

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